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Journey EP

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"Journey" is the 1st album of A Transient State. It evokes the journey in the form of a short sound film. This story, composed of instrumental pieces borrowing from ambient and neoclassical codes, is punctuated by field recording sequences and seeks to place the listener in a transitional state between reality and dream.

"Journey" has been released in a limited edition K7 (150 copies) on the occasion of Disquaire Day 2020.
Then it will be released digitally by Them Say in June 2022, as well as a limited edition CD (self-produced).

Read the review by Bob Smith from The Static Dive

The tracks on Journey are the very first ones we wrote together, at the very beginning of A Transient State.

These tracks were composed during free improvisation sessions, during which we got to know each other musically. Immediately, something happened. We were in tune, emotionally and musically connected.

Initially, the process consisted of exploiting the sound palette offered by each of our instruments to the maximum: using metal sponges and analogue effects on the guitar and using all the playing modes allowed by the pizzicato and the bow on the double bass, even using it as a percussion instrument at times.

The use of loopers also allowed us to enrich the discourse and to create superimpositions of sound layers and harmonies. The only constraint we set ourselves was to be able to reproduce our pieces live, with just the two of us and without any other machine than our effects.

Very quickly, we entered an experimental as well as cinematic approach and A Transient State took the direction of a studio project embodying our shared will to compose for film, theatre, dance, etc. From then on, we decided to free ourselves from any technical constraint to devote ourselves to research and composition without limits.

After 4 compositions, we realised that the music we had produced had its own history. This story had created itself. Funny for people whose aim is to compose music about other people's stories: we didn't see it coming.
We interpreted this story as that of an inner adventure, a journey initiated by the desire to leave a place in which one does not feel comfortable, to discover one's dreams. This is where we got the idea to build "Journey" as a sound journey alternating between concrete scenes and dreamlike tableaux.

01 Scène 1 / 02 Élégie / 03 Scène 2 / 04 Diurne / 05 Scène 3 / 06 Prélude / 07 Scène 4 / 08 Carving

Composed by A Transient State (Jason Del Campo & François Simitchiev).
Recorded and mixed by Jason Del Campo.
Mastering by Vincent Villuis from Ultimae Records, one of our beautiful encounters made through this project.

Photography by the very talented Frédérique Boquerat. Thank you very much!

Special thanks
Andy Gardiner for being the first to believe in our music
Our family and friends
Life, reverb and tandoori : our best friends.

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